Flixdle - Inspired by wordle. You have 6 times to guess the name of a movie or tv series on Netflix

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About Flixdle

Do you love puzzles? If you love movies and television - Flixdle is the game that will help you satisfy your preferences. My daily challenge will be the name of any movie - it may be short or long but it is definitely a very popular movie. If you're a movie fan, you'll know for sure. You can call it the movie wordle or the film wordle instead.

In addition to movies, the challenge also includes other interesting TV shows.

How to get started with Flixdle

You can use both mouse and keyboard to complete the game. Just keep in mind 3 things

When you are satisfied with your answer, press "Enter" the game will classify the answer for you, you will see which words are correct, which words are wrong, which characters are not in the keyword, which characters are in the keyword which character is in the correct position. From that result, you keep guessing until you solve the puzzle - or you accept failure.

Where to start?

Flixdle has been started since May 22, and so far more than 30 challenges have been completed, if you are interested in the first challenges, you can start at flixdle 1. If the daily game is too difficult for you, try unlimited mode to be able to explore the game all day without any limit.


How to play Flixdle

You have six attempts to guess the movie/tv series title.

Each guess must use valid words and use all spaces.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close you are to the actual title.

See ex below:


The letter H is in the first word and at the right spot


The letter T is in the first word and at the wrong spot


The O letter is not in the second word, but in the first word (if the flixdle has more than 2 word, letter O may be in the others word)


The letter B in not in the words